How to install DD&F8 on Windows 7

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Apr 23rd, 2017, 02:54am

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  How to install DD&F8 on Windows 7
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How to install DD&F8 on Windows 7
« Thread started on: Apr 10th, 2010, 6:04pm »

Okay, it's late but I'll see what I can pump out to help you guys out.
As madmax may have stated, I have DDF8 v1.0 (and v1.22 DEMO) running, quite well, in both Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit with an ATI Graphics Card AND Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with an Intel Integrated HD Graphics Card.
Although I CAN play multiplayer on my home LAN, I have still not been able to get it working online via IP address.

Before I get started on Win7 install, let me point out a note about the scripts posted on the previous page for opening ports in Windows7 Firewall.
If you want to use those scripts, you will need to cut and paste them into notepad first and make them one continuous line with a <space> between "...protocol=tcp(udp)" and "localport=".
Otherwise, CMD reads the word wrap as a carriage return and tries to run half the entered command line.
I just re-tested them, and they all work when cut and pasted properly.

On to the install... i'll write this to give you the best possible chance of succeeding.

1. Start as fresh as possible.

Uninstall all aspects of the game and reverse any tricks you may have already tried

Delete any and all remaining folders the uninstall left behind

Reset your display settings and video card settings to their defaults or whatever you would normally use

Restart Your Computer

2. Update Everything

Update with Windows/Microsoft Update

Update your graphics drivers

Restart Your Computer

3. Install/Extract

Depending on the version you are trying, either Install or AutoExtract the required program files.

*64bit users MUST reset the default install directory to the 32bit Program Files folder. Typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Auxiliary Power

Restart Your Computer

4. Set Compatibility

Navigate to the install directory

Right click on DemoDerby.exe (or what ever the program name may be) and select Properties

Select the Compatibility tab at the top of the page

Put a checkmark in the box beside Run this program in compatibility mode for:

From the drop down list, select Windows 98 / Windows Me
(Other modes may work but I found Win98/WinME to be the most stable between the two computers. Your hardware may dictate otherwise so feel free to try others for stability. Win 2000 and Win XP (SP2) would be likely candidates.)

5. Configure Video

From the install directory, run (double-click) the DDCfg.exe file

Click on the circle beside Software to select it

Click OK

CONFIRM that it worked by opening the config.ini file in notepad
It should look similar to this:




Restart Your Computer

6. Set Up the Game

If you don't have Shortcut to the game on your Desktop, you can create one by going to the install folder, right click on DemoDerby.exe, highlight Send to and select Desktop (create shortcut)

Run the game from Desktop or install folder

Wait for it to flash and flicker through a few screens and your Desktop, then either create a player or just choose one and click OK

Go to Options

This brings you to the Video configuration screen
For testing purposes, you'll want to set the Resolution to 640x480 and the Graphic Detail to Low

When done, click Back... you may then wish to visit the Control screen to set up your user controls.

When ready, I suggest to exit all the way out of the program and restart it before attempting to play a game.

7. Notes

A good indication of whether its gonna work or not is when you select a car, the car preview will not be solid, you can see all four wheels during rotation, if it is not set up right.
If the car shows up solid as it should, chances are the game will work.

If you have trouble, make sure the config.ini file is still as shown above, try a different compatibility mode and in some cases, you may want to reduce your computer's desktop Color Depth to Medium (16bit).

Once you have it running consistently, you can try increasing the the Resolution and/or Graphics Detail.

Even once you get it "Stable", the game by nature tends to crash, hang or flicker every so often. Especially during Multiplayer.

***If you follow the above and the game STILL crashes after you select your car (your car was not solid, you could see all 4 wheels), add in the following step***

2b. DirectX 8

Download DirectX 8.1 for Windows 2000 from the following link:

Run the downloaded file, follow onscreen instructions.

Windows 7 will probably show you a pop-up dialogue box after install that says there was an issue with the install, just select 'This Program Installed Correctly'.

Restart Your Computer

I hope this helps but truth is there are an infinite number of Hardware/Software combinations out there that may help or hinder the install and playing of this game.
If you followed the steps to no avail, write here or PM me and I can try some basic troubleshooting by cross-referencing My Own computer setup (Graphics adapter properties, Display Options, Installed Codecs, etc).
Good luck! I hope more of you get it running so there can be more of us trying to get it running ONLINE
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Re: How to install DD&F8 on Windows&
« Reply #1 on: Apr 11th, 2010, 11:36am »

thanks max. great post!


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