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Apr 24th, 2017, 06:15am

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Online Players List
« Thread started on: Jun 1st, 2010, 08:26am »

I thought I would list most of the people I have some information on for online derbies and where to find them if you don't have their emails. Thus it may be easier for players to hook up when they have time to play.

Garvey Bmelm forum
Lexcorp: DD&F8 Forums, Wecrashtoo,
Kaz 53: DD&F8 Forums, WeCrash. Strassman
DerbyFun: Wecrash,
Vitolizer324: WeCrash, Bmelm
DerbyFreak 6187 (adam): Wecrash.
Gregorbug: (other)
519 Motorsports K: (other)
519 Motorsports C: WeCrash
Moron: (other)
Cheater22x: DD&F8 Flash Forums. Wecrash. DDF Bmelm Forum, Strassmans
Moparnut 8D6: Wecrash
Waznie: (Other)
CHAOS33: WEcrash
DERBYFREAK14: DD&F8 Forum, Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
Showstopper: DD&F8 Forums, Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
Pipesaremylife: Wecrashtoo, Wecrash, DD&F8 Forum Bmelm
En4Cer: DD&F8 Forum Bmelm, DDF8 Forum Flash, DDF8 Forum Strassman
Lucky13: Wecrash
Cgoode: DD&F8 Forums, Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
TLM000: Wecrash
307CI: Wecrashtoo, WeCrash
Shanty: Other... see pipes.
Andy: Wecrash
Whosyourdaddy: on Wecrash under a different name. Mikebz
82: WeCrashtoo
572BB(aka ChevyRacing572): DD&F8 Forums, Wecrash
madmaxD&F8 Forums Flash, BMELM and Strassman, Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
Kyle: Wecrash? Friend of TLM000
Mobley88: (other)
Meyer: Wecrash? Need to work on Connection lag.
DerbyDan: Wecrash
New Connection!!!
Derby111: DD&F8 forums, Wecrash
SBB09: Wecrash
Zach11: See SBB09
ExxionNexxion: DD&F8 Forums
Clinton: WeCrash
BigMopar318D&F8 Forum
Riley1993: DD&F8 Forum, Wecrash
Strassman: DD&F8 Forums.
Greenosaur: DD&F8 Forums, Wecrash, WecrashToo, SIDD
Spiderman :Wecrash (Stability issues)
Shakenbake :Wecrash aka Adam
Nicky : See Greenosaur
Bryce : Wecrash
ShawnMatias :Wecrash
Gord : DD*F8 Forum
Drew Wecrash
jgesler16x Wecrash
Skittlecar1xjc Wecrash
TheEnForcer315 Wecrash (Mark Salisbury)
Jacob/DD&F8Fan12345 DD&F8 Forum
Jeff/DemoJeff303B Wecrash
Shorty ?
TobySR Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
IT5702 aka AKLOTZ Bmelm DD&F8 Forum,
Demolition Mission Wecrash, Wecrashtoo
Sherwood1 : Wecrash
ChrisWatson Watson76: Wecrash
BB313 Wecrash: BMELMFORUM:
GritsNgravy Wecrash
BoneShaker Wecrash
Peckerhead Wecrash
8upboyzN2U Wecrash

People trying to connect but having firewall/security/
Wagon112, WaltonracingW84, Derby1147, DerbyNoob, , Car185,BenB200952, CoachWagoner, Kastinic4u, Adam (again) , LIttleBlaine,

Don't give up on on connecting (but don't let it overwhelm u either). Remember people like Showstopper, 572BB, and GreenOsaur, took months and in in the case of the Reptile (nearly a decade) to connect online successfully.

The game does work, and if it doesn't its because of Hardware and software blocking the game.

Don't beat your head against a wall, but comeback to the game with a fresh mind and try again. One day we may get lucky.

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Re: Online Players List
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