Online Hosting Cars and ettitiquette

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Apr 23rd, 2017, 10:55am

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  Online Hosting Cars and ettitiquette
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Online Hosting Cars and ettitiquette
« Thread started on: Jan 16th, 2011, 1:33pm »

Each host controls the tempo of the derbies and what they would like to have for that evening.

Each host determines what is "Fair Play" or allowed. Its them hosting its their derbies.

Here are some general Terms that are often used.

1) Stock Game Cars.
These refer to the Original Cars that came in the game and their Original Class files intact and untouched.

2) CustomCars/Modded Cars
These refer to downloadable cars available to all. These cars are often stronger or faster then the Original Game cars (not always), and are to be used as the original builder intended with the builders class file he released with that car.

3) Luckily for us, the computer handles anymore of the rules. And those are toggled by the host.

4) Hosts can make certain asks or allow certain other types of cars if they aren't included in the #1 and #2.
However, for general game play, its frowned upon and often leads to more computer crashes and other problems. That is for the host to determine.

5) A car can be modded to be indestructable. That is typically no fun. As a madmax host, I put the limit on the strength of the car to that of Lyman IMperial or Rics Lincoln cars listed as Class #83 or BulletProof class #23. The Restub is another strong car in this category. Because these cars often last longer then the connection, its is not unusual to ban these cars on a case by case basis. Because some connections are stronger or weaker on any given day, a person with a weak connection and strong car is going to suffer ghosting and lag. A long derby wasted as no victor at the end because u can't hit.

Cars that work the best are those built weaker then the Restub etc. It is why many of the cars I release are not stronger but weaker. We can have blast with these cars, wreck them and do it before the connection is lost.

So, what if you built cars stronger then those listed above. Well, for singles play it makes no difference. Its your game, have at it. Its what customization is about.

For online derbies, 2 things are to be avoided.

When someone builds a car that treats the Restub and others like bowling pins, then that car is likely going to get banned.

The reason being, if a similar car to oppose it were built , it could take 30 or 40 minutes to destroy, if the connection held.

From my perspective and online derby should last 10 to 12 minutes. And that is reasonable for someone else to wait while wanting to join the next derby. Asking someone to wait 30 or 45 minutes is unreasonable.

Plus I would rather have 6 fun derbies in 1 hour then one boring basher that goes on for 45 minutes. (Everyone may try that once, but it tires pretty quick)

The reason we (hosts) tend to use only the downloaded cars and class files is because the host is able to determine whether or not its a good day/connection to run those cars or if they want to allow them. They are a known entity. Plus the host is likely to have those car and will know if they have been tweaked or modded.

At the end of the day, we are looking to run fun derbies.

This has been a successful formula for the past year. Its one that is adopted by the Certified hosts.

Again, any host can choose their own set of criteria for cars and what they want.

I can build a car to suit lol.

But its preferable to stick to what works.


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