Springfield Dirt Oval Now Released!

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Apr 23rd, 2017, 03:00am

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  Springfield Dirt Oval Now Released!
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Springfield Dirt Oval Now Released!
« Thread started on: Oct 5th, 2010, 1:17pm »

This is 572BB post taken Directly from Strassmans Forum

Opening up Springfield and creating a dirt race event for it using the oval track has been floating in the back of my mind for a few years now

I attempted this at one time in the past but lost my progress...

About 1 year ago I gave another shot at it and started off by removing some inside walls and giving the surface grip.

Its pretty much sat unmodified until now. But I havent forgotten about it, I'd just been playing the hell out of it as is.

I tried to use Modelers Garage to move the waypoints, but I keep running into the same problem of having the points stay selected, and the laps get miscounted after saving.

This week I MANUALLY moved the waypoints by changing the code in the AIW file. I loaded the track surface and the AIW file in Modeler's Garage and I was able to use it to check my progress by simply loading the AIW file whenenver I needed to (by pressing one button). This sped up the process so much! Otherwise I would have to load the game 50+ times to check and see where the points were moving.

The AI cars are suprisingly pretty fast racing around the oval. The class2 midsize cars tend to work their way to the front during the race. I could make the AI cars faster by spacing the waypoints further apart, but they dont really need to be any faster. The AI cars don't look out for wrecks well, and often spin each other out and drive head on into wrecks. They behave more like they are bump-to-pass drivers.

Stock cars do pretty well around the oval. SOME customs to well also. It becomes apparent real quick that many customs do not handle well, and they are geared terrible. The '67 Imp for example is faster than the AI cars by a little, but the right gearing would open up that car and make it so much faster. As it is it just screams high RPM and runs well out of its torque band.

I took my Outlaw Wagon WIP out and it lapped the field in under 3 laps. LOL It was definately fast

The best car I've found is, no suprise, the DENT En4cer. It just handles well, goes fast, and as a bonus it pushes any car out of the way with ease.

The first few laps:

Still a few little things to do

But progress is being made and there isnt much keeping it away from being uploaded

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Re: Springfield Near Release
« Reply #1 on: Oct 10th, 2010, 8:17pm »

Its now released!!!



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