Adding Cars to Track Grids within the AIW file

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Apr 23rd, 2017, 03:00am

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  Adding Cars to Track Grids within the AIW file
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Adding Cars to Track Grids within the AIW file
« Thread started on: Oct 31st, 2010, 11:08am »

on Oct 28th, 2010, 4:00pm, 572bb wrote:
Open up your DemoDerby>GameData>Tracks folder. Find the track you want to modify a grid for and open the folder (such as Amateur_Dixboro). Then open the AIW file (for example dix8.AIW is the AIW file you can change the starting positions for the cars in Dixboro figure 8. Dix as in dixboro and 8 as in figure 8. The demolition derby events also have their own seperate AIW file. dixd.aiw for example). The SCN files are always named very closely to the AIW files.

AIW is the file extension of files named dix8.AIW, madd.aiw, ect. The AIW files are split into three parts:

1. Grid/Starting positions (SLOT00 - SLOT23)

2. Scene Sounds (Not used in this game, but the game has the capability)

3. Waypoint data (This is a series of dots around the track that gives the AI drivers a path to follow)

I will be covering part 1 in this tutorial. Grid/Starting positions

Upon opening an AIW file you will see code like this:


These are the slot numbers. The max number of them are 24. They begin with SLOT00 and go to SLOT23. Unfortunately you cannot copy and paste slots to add in more than 24 slots.

The first line of code under the slot number "AVPos=(30,1.27,-6)" is the position the car will be at the track in the X, Y, and Z coordinates. I read a tutorial written by a Sports Car GT modder and the author believes AVPOS stands for All Vehicle Position. But no one knows for sure

left, right.......AVPos=(30,1.27,-6)
up, down......AVPos=(30,1.27,-6)
forward, backward.......AVPos=(30,1.27,-6)

the second line of code under the slot number "AVOrient=(0,90,0)" rotates the car in all directions. I believe you would call it Yaw, Pitch, and Roll. The units are in degrees. Putting in a number like 370 will not crash the game. It will behave like 10 degrees. (370-360=10). Along the same lines, negative numbers behave the same way. Putting in -50 will actually place the car at 310 degrees. But I just think its easier for me to read when I keep the numbers between 0 and 360

frontward, backward.....AVOrient=(0,90,0)
in circles..........AVOrient=(0,90,0)
or side to side.......AVOrient=(0,90,0)

If you are looking to rotate a car in its starting position (face the opposite way, ect.) you need to rotate the middle number in "AVOrient=(0,150,0)". Right now it says 150, meaning the car is set at 150 degrees. To turn it around in the opposite direction you'd have to add 180 degrees to this number.



heres what you should change it too


now the car in SLOT00 should be facing the opposite direction. If you want the rest of them turned around just add 180 to their middle numbers.

One common question is how to add more cars to run on a track.

The number of cars allowed is found in your DemoDerby>GameData>Events>event.des file

We're only interested in the line "NumberOfCars="

You can remove all but two cars and you can have up to 24 cars.

If you add cars to a stock track file you will find that the cars appear on the drivers list, but the extra cars do not appear on the track. The cars are really there, but they are outside the track somewhere floating in space because they use the AIW starting positition coordinates given to them.

Using the information I showed you above, you will need to open up the AIW file and edit the coordinates of the new SLOT numbers to place the car on the track somewhere

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